All the levels comprise of 16 classes. Each class will be an hour and a half in duration. The students will be instructed at the beginning of the class after which they will proceed to work on the experiments. They will always be supervised by our experienced teaching staff.

There are three main levels: Discover, Explore, Build.


Topics: Light, Force and Motion and Simple Machines.


Topics: Light,  Sound,  Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Structures and bridges


Topics: Light,  Matter and Density,Work Power and Energy, Electricity, Magnetism and Aerodynamics


The students will learn about properties of light, discover the fun facts about mirror, reflection, how to change the position of the reflected objects. Newton’s first law will be introduced and  they will be made to learn the concept using simple experiments.   They will be shown how speed is related to mass and weight. The last topic that they will be introduced will be Simple Machines.  They will be seeing and learning all the different types of simple machines and the various applications in real life.  This level is called Discover because as the name suggests they will be discovering or learning new facts everyday.   The children will be  having a lot of time to do hands on and at the end of the session they will be doing a presentation.

The students will  be learning reflection, refraction, light spectrum, bandwidth.  They will explore and compare the properties of light and sound. Newton’s three laws of motion will be taught and experiments will be performed to understand the same.  They will explore the different simple machines and also learn  what are affected when  two machines are put together.  The characteristics of the different structures and types of bridges will be taught. They will continue to explore the bridges by using different materials to build  and test the bridges.

In this level students will be  spending more time building different things which will be the application of the principles that they have studied.  For eg  Periscope, Crane, Circuits, Paper Planes are a few.  They will learn to apply the concepts that they are taught.  Different experiments  in static and dynamic electricity will be performed.The materials and kits necessary will be provided by Edge of Science.

Who should Apply: Grade 1 to 3

Duration: 2 months

Timings: Sessions will be for 1 hour.

Who should Apply: Grade 4, 5 and 6

Duration: 3 months

Timings: Sessions will be for 1 hour and 15 minutes

Who should Apply: Grade 7, 8 and 9

Duration: 4 months

Timings: Sessions will be for 1 hour and 30 minutes